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Automatic Milk Pouch Packing Machine

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GH₵ 8 803.00

This machine is widely used to pack liquids of low and high viscosity such as milk, fresh cream, curd, lassi, flavoured milk, pure water, juice, soy sauce, vinegar and wine in addition to certain other beverages. It can automatically sterilize the film with ultra violet rays, from the bag, print the code precisely, fill the product, and seal & cut at one time.

Technical Specification:

1. Capacity: 1500-2200 Pouches/hour
2. Volume: 200ml-1000ml
3. Packing Size: Width: 160-320 mm; Length: 120-240mm
4. Main Motor: ½ HP
5. Power consumption: 1Kw - 1.8Kw, Single Phase, 220V/380V, A.C
6. Sealing Type: Centre Seal (Impulse Sealing)
7. Product Application: Edible Oil, Water, Milk, Refined Oil, Sunflower oil, Palm Oil, Coconut oil, Curd, Flavored Milk, Groundnut oil, etc.
8. Feeding System: Volumetric Pump Filler
9. Body: SS-304
10. Weight: 500Kg

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