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Ice-Cream Cone Making Machine with Batter Mixer

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GH₵ 14 939.00

This is a high capacity machine used for manufacturing ice-cream cones and cups. It is equipped with four to five rows of baking moulds. The moulds are equipped with automatic ejectors. A single movement opens the moulds and ejects the cones which fall into a box placed underneath the baking moulds.


1. The cast alloys baking moulds are mounted on heavy mild steel frame.
2. The upper half (the main part of mould) which slides up and down between two steel columns is balanced by counter weights and operated by a hand lever.
3. The battery is infused by means of a vary exact, adjustable and better deposition device.
4. Raw Material Required: Maida, Water, Liquid Soya Lecithin, Vegetable Oil & Food Colour.

Price will vary according to capacity & output.

Note: Batter Mixer is required with the cone making machine to mix raw material or ingredients to form Batter.

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