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Do NOT buy any cheap GPS vehicle tracker to change it in a few weeks. Think about your investment first. When it comes to professional grade real time car tracking and surveillance Tremis Ghana GPS device and service is what you will have to rely on. With our device proven over the years you are sure of quality. The GPS vehicle tracking device is also good for freight forwarders because it tracks outside Ghana. Tremis Ghana vehicle tracking systems comprises of a hardware unit mounted in the car and a control station run by the service provider. A server on the Internet displays the position of the vehicle. The hardware unit in the vehicle computes the exact latitude and longitude of the car's location when it receives data from GPS satellites. This position and certain other data such as direction it is heading towards, speed and time are encoded, compressed and sent by to the control station. The time interval between can be set or changed from the control station. Most importantly you can shut down vehicle's engine if your vehicle is stolen and still know the location of your vehicle. Device also send alerts about over speeding, out of specified range and when GPS tracker is disconnected. At present living situations of ongoing robberies, it is important to track your vehicles in real time.

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