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CLEANSHIELD AlKALINE Health Drink is one of the world's most powerful ALKALINE Health drinks. It balances your PH level and cleans up your system to activate the body's own doctor (health system), At this juncture boost theimmune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situation where our body issubjected to a high acidic condition. And a high acidic conditions is the chief cause of these diseases and infections such as HPB, bad body cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer, , Viral infections,Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection,Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance,memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etc


Arthritic Pain

“The arthritic pains in joints eliminated in just 7 days…”


Lyme’s Disease

“I had Lyme’s disease and in 21 days all symptoms were eradicated”



“My blood sugar level which had been over 150 has dropped and not gone over 107 for two months”

Brother of Dr. Yousefi

Acute Abdominal Pain

“I suffered from acute abdominal pain and within 5 days was able to return back to work”

48 year old school teacher in Africa


5 subjects with psoriasis in clinical trial experienced positive results.

Marshall-Blum Clinical Trials

Benign Prostate Hypotrophy

“ I suffered from Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and was fighting it for years with conventional gold standard treatment

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