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Cleanshield Liquid Supplement

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GH₵ 60.00

CleanShield is an All-Natural Dietary Liquid Supplement formulated to bring the body into a normal balance level of pH. Good to solve any disease conditions listed below.
1. BPH
2. Malaria
3. Typhoid
4. Ulcers
5. Cancer
6. Diabetes
7. Diarrhoea
8. Hay Fever
9. Asthma
10. Headaches
11. Burns
12. Wounds
13. Cuts
14. Rashes
15. Tooth Aches
16. Gum Disease
17. Gingivitis
18. Mouth Sores
19. Infections
20. Muscular Pains
21. Depression
22. Tuberculosis
23. Sinusitis
24. Cold. etc.
With any other disease or health condition not been listed just call for more info. 0247494781

Testimony: A young girl of about 23 years of age had Typhoid and 270 ml of CleanShield was administered - taking 30 ml 1-1-1 for 4 days. She went for lab test and was confirmed not to have it (Typhoid) any longer.

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