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DIgital USB TV Stick

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GH₵ 155.00

Ghana is going digital, Hurrayyyyyyyy!!!!
Turn your Windows PCs (desktop and laptops) and Android device (phones and tablets) into an HDTV and watch over 50 local Free-To-Air TV channels.
There are two different technologies of Digital TV cards on the market which are the DVB-T and the DVB-T2. The DVB-T technology came before the DVB-T2 which means that the DVB-T2 is an enhanced technology of the DVB-T. The DVB-T gives you a maximum of 25 channels whiles with the DVB-T2, you could get even more than 50 Free-To-Air television stations in Ghana.Due to this, the DVB-T which cannot receive more stations are being sold for less on the market. Don't be fooled to think that all TV cards are the same and be tricked into buying the cheap DVB-T on the market. Get yourself this amazing USB TV card which is a DVB-T2 technology and have access to more than 50 Free-2-Air television channels and have the privilege of getting more and more TV channels as Ghana gears towards switching from analogue platform to the digital platform shortly.

Currently, the cheap DVB-T on the market gives you: GTV, GBC24, GTV Govern, Obonu TV, GTV Life, GTV Sport Plus, UTV, Family TV, Agoo TV, MAX TV, Aljazeera, HomeBase, TV7, Praise TV, 4Syte TV, Fire TV, OCEANS TV, EBN, Angel TV, ADOM TV, Metro TV, Kantanka TV , Joy Prime, Atinka TV, TV XYZ only. While the DVB-T2 gives you the above TV station in addition to TV Africa, TV3, Net 2, ETV, Viasat TV, Top TV, CTV, Light TV, GHOne, Crystal TV Ststions, Planet Kidz, 7Plus TV, FD Guide, BOC TV, France 24-French, Spyderlee Entertainment TV, Sports 24, Faith TV, Star TV, ATV, BTA, Campus TV, Ocean1 TV, FNN, Cinimax, Zion TV, KFM and many more.

This amazing device also has the following features:
*Watch DVB-T2 Digital TV on your windows PC and android device
*Record Digital TV and burn to DVD with Menu's
*Schedule REcording
*Auto Shutdown PC after recording
*Time Shift (Pause and Rewind live TV)
*EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
*Multi Simultaneous Channel Preview
* And many more.

Please ensure the availability of terrestrial signal in your locality before calling.

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