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Drilling Well Control/Intervention Training - RigWorld Training

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The Oil & Gas industry is raising on its bar around the world. In this industry, various innovative changes have been seen in the last few years. The offshore and onshore Oil & Gas company are now working with advanced safety component and well-skilled workers to save lives of the workers and running operation smoothly.

Moreover, the well control and blowout prevention have been the most important aspects in the hydrocarbon production industry for many reasons. Waste of natural resources, higher drilling costs, explosion and loss of human life are the reason to consider.

The drilling well control workers play an important role in running a safe and successful drilling operation. Rigworld Training offer well controls training globally in cooperation with Caledonia Training. We have well-trained trainers who provide all possible ways to make you trained. Here at Rigworld, we provide all levels of Well Control Courses within IADC and IWCF Organizations.

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