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Greenlife Herbal Products

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GH₵ 70.00

Greenlife is a global direct selling company owned by China Greenlife Group. It was founded in 1988, and it started direct sales in 1998. It is mainly focused on manufacture, distribution of herbal, especially transitional Chinese herbal products and other commodities through direct sales marketing. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the traditional Chinese medicine and its treasure to everybody, everywhere.

Greenlife has established a world-class research and development center in Kunming China. All researchers are from top Chinese medicine Colleges and universities in China and also the center has links with many other institutions in Singapore, USA and Japan. Greenlife also has specialists from Science Academy of China and South China Medical University as consultants.

Its manufacture center is located in Guangdong. All the factories are GMP certificated. They all have been equipped with the most advanced facility & machines. Well built standards and processing procedures are monitored and all steps are traceable. Greenlife has the best raw material sources and Quanlity Control system. In Shannxi, it has a Danshen Plantation. In Jilin, it has a base and laboratory which secure the best source of Ginseng. In Yunnan it has its own bees raising center. Each product has its own SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) standard, as well as national wide GMP standard and international HACCP methods.

That leads to that all products are well known in China. Because of its outstanding effectiveness, Greenlife has been developing at an amazing speed, since from 1988 a China local company up to now a multinational group.


Air Filter ---Personal Air Purification
Aloevera Capsule---Constipaton, Obesity, Pimples & Anti-aging
Anticol---influenza & Cold
Anti-Rad Stickers---Far away from Radiation
Arthro Power Capsule---Universal Pain Killer
Ashcure---Cough & Asthma
B-Care Tablet (Stressfree)---Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation
Booster Healthy Drink---For a stronger immune system
Camo Pill---Tumor, Stasis, Breast Cancer, Enlarged Liver or Spleen
Chinese Royal Tea---Healthier Drink with Multiple Actions
Chitomeal Pills---Dampness & Gastritis
Danshen Plus---Heart Disease (Treatment)
Detoxin Tablet---Toxic Heat
Dial B---Diabetes
Double Ginseng---Energy & Blood Circulation
D-Regulator---Heart Disease (Quick Action)
Family Water Treatment System---Drinking Healthily
Female Cleanser---Vaginal Infection & Skin Health Guard
F-Qui Tablet---Blood Tonic & Women’s Pain
G Herbal Sop---Healthier Skin
Glutrins---Diabetes, Tonic for basic vigor element
G Phones---Unique Connection
Healthy life Mat ---Green and Healthy Life starts from Feet
Heam Pills---Bleeding Piles
Herbal Liquid---Body Massage
Honeysuckle Syrup---Refreshing drink to prevent toxic heat
I-Clear---Universal Eye Problem
Kidney Care----Waist Pain & Kidney Weakness
Kordy Capsule---Diarrhea
Men Formula Pills---Low Sperm Count & Infertility
Mother Plus Tea---After-Birth healthcare
Phoenix—Reproductive system repair
Pidcare---Pelvic & Vaginal healthcare
Prostasure Tablet---Prostate Enlargement
Red Peony Capsule—Fibroid, Stasis & Uterine Bleeding
Relaxing Pills---Anxiety & Depression
Shade Kit Capsule---Weight Losing
Spinsure Pills---Arthritis, Numbness & Pain
Spinsure Tablets---Spondylosis
ST Pills---Stroke & Brain Damage
Vigo Capsule---Sexual Weakness (Quick Action)
Women Formula II---Infertility & Menstrual Disorder
Women Formula---Sexual Weakness (Treatment)

Spinsure Tablets---Spondylosis (Ghc100.00)

Active Ingredients:
Radix Rehmanniae, Herba Pyrolae, Herba Cistanches, Herba Epimedii, Calulis Spatholobl, Rhizoma Cibotll, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, Semen Raphani, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae, Rhizoma Drynariae

Function & Indications:
Strengthens qi and yang, tonifies kidney and liver, fortifies marrow, tendon and bone, clears damp, relieves pain. A recently formulated patent specific for vertebral calcification following injury, or in spontaneous multiplicative spondylitis. Used for joint pain, tendon pain, bone hyperplasia, vertebral calcification following injury, chronic cervical subluxation, spinal inflammation, spondylosis, slipped or dislocated intervertebral disc.

Phoenix—Reproductive system repair (Ghc100.00)

Function & Indication:
• Similar with Women Formula 2
• Qi & Blood shortage, caused by large menstrual discharge.
• Restore reproductive system after production or miscarriage.
• Symptoms like weakness, body swelling, dizziness, sweating, low fever, menstrual disorder, whites or large discharge.
• Restore the reproductive system being flourished.

Men Formula Pills---Low Sperm Count & Infertility (Ghc140.00)

Function & Indications:
Treats deficiency syndrome of the kidney, treat low sperm, seminal mission, backache, premature ejaculation, impotence & sterility.

Danshen Plus---Heart Disease (Treatment) (Ghc80.00)

Danshen Plus Tablet is processed from extract of some valuable Chinese herbs. Based on an old formula, we have improved the processing technology with a result of higher performance. It mainly helps to maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

Function and Actions:
Promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, inducing resuscitation by means of aromatics and regulating the blood flow of QI to alleviate pain.

Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and oppressed feeling in the chest. Symptoms like fixed stabbing, strong sharp pain, possibly worse at night; heart palpitations may be present. Also for dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea,and in bruises.

Double Ginseng---Energy & Blood Circulation (Ghc140.00)

Function & Indications:
Reinforce the vital energy, eliminate blood stasis, and improve blood circulation. Treat weakness, fatigue, swelling of legs (include feet), pains, impotence, frigidity caused by hypercardia (enlarged heart), hypertension, heart failure, diabetes or other chronic diseases or poor blood circulation. Also it prevents and treats cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

B-Vial---Hypertension (Ghc100.00)

B-Vital Tablet which is extracted and processed from famous herbs, it is for hypertension and other problems related to it. It is ideal for long term taking, it has no side effect. The patient with serious condition should take this together with other anti-hypertensive drugs. But the one with minor degree of hypertension can take it without other drugs. The longer you take it, the more your heart, liver, brain, kidney and blood vessel will benefit from it.

Function & Indications:
It can quickly release headache, dizziness, insomnia & numbness etc, so it protects the heart, liver, brain, kidney and blood vessel from being harmed by hypertension.

Chinese Royal Tea---Healthier Drink with Multiple Actions (Ghc65.00)

* Cleansing the intestinal tract
* Anti Lipids
* Removing oil or Anti oil after meals
* Warm protection for your stomach
* Sliming down thru a much healthier way
* Daily drink anti-diarrhea
* Detoxin, Anti-aging and Anti-cancer
* Reducing sugar level.

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