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Invitation Letter And Residence Permit In Ukraine

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Ukraine, Kyiv
GH₵ 55.00

Tourist invitation to Ukraine with the accompanying documents obtaine for 1 day. Price 55 USD.
Business invitation to Ukraine. Terms of registration is 10-20 days. Price 250 USD (180, 360 days). Terms of registration is 10-20 days.
The guest invitation to Ukraine. Price 150 USD (180 days), 250 USD (360 days). Obtaining a visa to Ukraine for 3 years (guest invitation to Ukraine for 3 years. Price 340 USD). Terms of registration is 10-20 days.

Delivery by express mail, paid in addition by the tax of delivery service.

Help to obtaine residence permit in Ukraine by work (Price 1200 USD), extend - 700 USD each year or by study (Price 2000 USD, extend - 2000 USD each year ).
Terms of registration residence permit in Ukraine is 14 days. Price 1200 USD.

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