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Manual Chalk Making Machine With Drying Oven

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GH₵ 2 200.00

Available Capacities:-

It can produce 100/240/300/400/600 chalks in 20 minutes.

Chalk Making Machine's Features:

1. It has a steel body.
2. The machine is fitted with brass pipes for smooth and seamless.
3. Clean school chalks.
4. The machinery is fitted with rack for easy operations.
5. Again for the easy and smooth operations the machinery is Fitted with ball bearings.
6. Rack gear fitted steel fabricated stand with handles to hold.
7. Gunmetal mould.
8. G. I. Tray / boxes (two nos.)
9. Can work without electric power
10. Low cost machine
11. Easy to operate
12. Raw material required is plaster of paris, zinc oxide & water

Chalk Drying Oven's Features:

1. High efficiency
2. Easy operation
3. Long working life
4. Temprature meter & thermostate for heating control
5. Internal heat circulation

Price of standard machine( 100 Chalks) = Rs.39,168 (US$712)
Price of standard machine( 100 Chalks)+ Drying Oven = Rs.39,168 + 31,824 (US$579) = Rs.70992 (US $1291)

Prices will vary according to the capacity.

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