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Paper Bag Making Machine

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This machine is designed to meet all requirements of paper bags, both fat as satchel type (with side folding on both sides) made from

kraft paper and sulphite paper.

1. Bags could be produced without printing and with fexo-printing in one, two or even upto 4 colors.
2. Printing and complete bag making is done at a single go.
3. Capable of producing bags of different sizes by changing plates and gears.

Different Capacities with Specifications:

1. Size of Paper bag width: 10cm to 28cm/12cm to 42cm & length: 17cm to 50cm/18cm to 65cm & Side/Bottom Gusset: 4cm to 16cm
2. GSM of paper(Range): 36 to 100 / 38 to 120
3. Paper roll width Max.: 60 cm/90 cm
4. Paper roll width Max.: 60cm/90cm
5. Production /Min. : 250/150 bags
6. Paper flexo printing attachment Available (with Anilox Roller): NIL/4 colors
7. Drive Motor DC: 2/3/5 HP
8. Floor Area: 10'*6'/18'*24'/8'*30'

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