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Second Hand Clothes for Africa for Ghana, Women, Men, Kids and Household

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GH₵ 690.00

Second Hand Clothes - Grade 1+2 Quality 55 kg Bales only from 99 Euro

We are biggest sorting company for Second Hand Clothes in Berlin/ Germany.

In a Container is fitting 450 Bales.
Minimum order 20 Bales. We can send in Germany on Palettes directly to your adress.

Buy our best Quality 1+2 as Tropical/ Summer mix are sorted items Children, Men and Ladies

What is the size and dimensions of one Bale?
Tropical Mix - 55 kg
Household Rummage - 50 kg
Dimensions 80x40x40 cm

How many pieces are in 1 Kg?
Tropical Mix - approximately 5 Pieces
Household Rummage - approximately 3 Pieces

What is the difference between Export A+ and Export B Quality?
Export A+ Quality are Summer Clothes in Top Conditions, very less used without any problems and new clothes with price labels also inside.

Export B Quality are Summer Clothes sed will be more worn out than its grade A counterpart. You may see more light stains or smaller rips in some of the clothing, but all of them are wearable.

How much is A and how much B Quality inside?
70% is A Quality and 30% is B Quality

How many clothes are in 1 Bale?
Over 225 Pieces of Men, Ladies and Kids Clothes in an Bale?

What kind of Clothes are inside?
You will find clothes in export A Quality.
T-Shirt, Shirt, Blouses, Tops, Dresses, Pants, Jeans, Leggings, Sportwear, Summer Skirts, Capris, Short, Baby Clothes, Clothes for boys and girls.

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