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Solar Powered Wireless GSM Intruder Security Alarm System

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GH₵ 4 995.00

Whole-Home Security at Your Fingertips

Protect your property from the inside-out, and get mobile alerts when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. Set up your entire system without the need for tools or professional installation, and expand your Alarm to fit any home or apartment.

Motion-Activated Alerts
Get alerts on your phone when the Motion Detector and Contact Sensor detect activity at home.

130-Decibel Siren
Arm your system to sound the siren whenever your home is breached, or activate it from the remote to alert people nearby.

Fully Customizable
Add extra sensors to protect all your doors and windows, and expand your Alarm system to fit any home or apartment.

DIY or Professional Installation
Set up and install everything by yourself without the need for professional installation or tools. It’s that simple!

Ring Alarm Home Security Kit
Your Home in Your Hands
Control the Alarm from your cell or smartphone.

1. Unplugged and solar-powered, completely wireless connection for easy operation.

2. Uses an American SUNPOWER solar power board, conversion ratio up to 24%, which can be recharged by weak light.

3. Built-in 3.7V/4000mA back-up Lithium battery, which can work constantly for 25 cloudy days.

4. This system uses a GSM module with 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequency. It is able to dial & send SMS text message to 5 mobile phone numbers.

5. User can use our Android & iOS application to control the system remotely, such as set the siren Armed/Disarmed, set phone numbers, set zone's name, set Delay Arm, check system current working status...etc.

6. Outdoor solar siren with Waterproof function, Anti-Tamper function and Delay Arm function

7. 9 defense zones for coding with wireless sensors, maximum support 40 pcs wireless sensors, such as door/window contact sensor, PIR movement sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, CO detector, panic button, water sensor...etc.

8. Built-in 3 different kinds of sound to indicate Remote Zone, SOS A

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