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Telemedicine Software Development & Services in Africa | SISGAIN

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Accra, Ghana
GH₵ 28 000.00

Virtual visits is another benefit offered by SISGAIN’ s telemedicine software development. Here, an affected person does not need to physically attend an appointment but to be present before the screen on the time of the scheduled appointment. This benefits the physician as well as the patient. It reduces the workload on medical practitioners. It is a tested proficient and effective method to answer queries and provide healthcare. The working hours are flexible and one can seek remedy digitally. The chances of ‘unnecessary' visits are reduced. The convenience rate is impressive. With the IOS and Android compatible telemedicine app & software allows the users to look out for professional medical help in a flick of a second. All the need to do is, log into the telemedicine application and access their areas of interest. This is popular among people of all age groups, especially the elderly, since it allows easy access. They do not need to travel at intervals but gain medical assistance from their home. This reduces their reliability on the caretakers. A virtual waiting procedure is more convenient than that of a physical visit. One can watch medical videos in the virtual waiting room, thus, reducing boredom. Unnecessary wastage of time and patience is eradicated by the use of a telemedicine application. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at or visit:

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