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Top Telehealth Apps Services in Africa | SISGAIN

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Accra, Ghana
GH₵ 25 000.00

The problem of unnecessary medical admission is reduced by the introduction of Telehealth apps facilities. With the help of remote monitoring in the medical sector, there is a reduction in insignificant visits to the clinic or a medical centre. SISGAIN, allows the people to get medical assistance without physically reaching out to the medical experts. The times of the coronavirus have witnessed a deficiency in medical supplies and the number of medical professionals. To tackle the issue, SISGAIN provides a beneficial opportunity with mobile telehealth solutions. Since the pandemic has stirred fear in the minds of the people, one might mistake the symptoms of a minor ailment to be that of a severe one. So, to eradicate second thoughts, one could refer to the Telehealth software systems and consult a physician. This saves time and resources that might have been wasted in the traditional method of visiting a medical practitioner. The problem of readmission is also reduced, which is worth mentioning. When a patient is discharged from a hospital, the physician might lose track of his or her activities, thus in cases of negligence, one is exposed to the chances of readmission. Since the medical professionals could remotely monitor the patients, after discharge from the hospital, the chances of readmission is reduced which otherwise would lead to excessive time and resource consumption. For extra information call us at +18444455767 or email us at [email protected] or visit

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