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Tropical Mix Bales - Export A Quality - 55 kg for 65 €

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Berlin/ Germany
GH₵ 459.00

We are collecting and sorting Textiles in Berlin/ Germany.

Minimum order are 3 Bales.

You can buy directly buy us without any middleman.

Export A Quality as Tropical/ Summer mix in 55 kg Bales for 65 Euro.
Export A is the best quality for Afrika (Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Togo, Benin) and more.

We offer also sorted goods:
Tropical Mix 55 kg = 65 Euro
Men Tropical Mix 55 kg = 77 Euro
Ladies Tropical Mix 55 kg = 77 Euro
Kids Tropical Mix 45 kg = 99 Euro
Household Rummage 50 kg = 45 Euro
Underwear Mix 50 kg = 77 Euro
Socks Mix 55 kg = 50 Euro
Belt Mix 50 kg = 77 Euro
Soft Toys 50 kg = 50 Euro

Visit our Storage in Berlin and check the quality and pickup your goods directly.

We are delivering in Berlin for 60 Euro how many Bales you bought.

We have also House Hold Rummage and Winter Clothes in Export A Quality.

- Payment Bank transfer or cash

- Price 1 Bale/bundle 55 kg = 65 Euro
- Location Berlin Germany

Only for Information
In a 40 ft Container fitting 460 Bales.

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