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water detector in ghana| fresh result 2 system

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water detector in ghana| fresh result 2 system

Fresh Result 2 a new water finder device introduced by our Golden Detector Group in 2019
Fresh Result 2 water finder device comes with geological system and long-range sensor system the first of its kind in the world to detect water and deposits under the ground.

This device is suitable for farmers, the investors in agricultural lands and any company or individual who search for water wells underground.

The device can detect water sources up to 1200 m depth and the user can know the type of water whether it is salty water or fresh or normal as he can select its type before searching.

FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS device specifications
This high-resolution system and excellence determine water location from a distance. When capturing the target the user can be moving to discovered target until stand up on the target completely, confined to an area of 1 square meter, and with the ability to determine the front range of the device starting from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 meters and a depth of 1200 meters under the ground. The device works in four languages (German - English - French - Arabic). When the device is running, you can choose one of the languages and determine the front range.
When capturing the target, the device will head to the detected target, the user can be walking up to reach the target and completely confined in area of square meters, identify the depth the by meter, and centimeter.
Added on this system a lot of innovative technology newly specifications.
Scan all layers of the ground to a depth of 1200 meters and show the results find on the LCD screen of the device shows of the water density and the type of water that was ( fresh - salty - Natural ) ,shows the beginning ,end of the water depth by meter and centimeter.
Device is characterized ground balancing system automatically in order to be set on the soil whatever kind and nature and very accurate in giving the data.
Making this device to be a specialist to detect water underground.
The device works with all the different terrain ,effects to ensure arrive the explorar to the target easly and really.

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